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Reality Motion Pictures is a full service production company, offering start to finish High definition video production and post production.


As funding collapses for film development generally, the time is right for us to diversify, look at what we are good at as a region and a country and build an infrastructure, which will support and nurture that development.


Feature Films, TV/Film Production, Documentary, TV Commercial, Total Event Coverage, Promotional Videos, Music Video and New Media Content

Business Plan

The purpose of business blueprint plan is for the development of film production company while showcasing the expected financials and operations over a period of time..Be a Partner!

Reality Motion Pictures

We have a track record of filmmaking in Nigeria and a wealth of high profile, filmmaking, Documentary, musical productions and broadcasting expertise. Combining this into one hub of excellence is something that has not been done before but will give us the best chance of creating an exciting, profitable and thriving entertainment industry, which you can be proud to be part of

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Behind The Scene

When people ask me if i went to film school, I always tell them "NO" I went to Films..

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On The Set OF Demon Inside.

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"Making a Film for me, Its always about humanity"

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An actor feels life and Observe life..

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Watching a good actor is the best way to learn